Match-up! CO51 Rebates, Coupons & Sales

Here's my list of Checkout 51 rebates, Printable coupons and sales, These are sale prices in my area so always double check your flyers and your CO51 app to check that the deals are the same!  These flyer sale prices start today(Mar 31) and tomorrow(April 1)
  • Delissio Rustico Pizza, Greek & Quatro Formaggi only, Rebate $1 each type, Sale $4.99 Zehrs  
  • Delissio Vintage Pizza, Buttter Chicken or BBQ Chicken only Rebate $1 each type, Sale $4.99 Zehrs Sobeys + Freshco
  • Baker's Secret products, Rebate $1, Sale Lg cookie sheet Zehrs $4.00 Pay only $3 after c&r
  • St Ives Body Wash, Rebate $1, Sale $3.99 Food Basics Pay only $2.99 after rebate
  • Downy, Rebate $1, $1 printable coupon for Downy , (Coupon also on Brandsaver.ca)Sale Freshco $7.99, Metro $5.99, Food Basics $3.99 Pay only $1.99 at Food Basics after c&r
  • Tide Liquid, Rebate $1, $1 printable coupon for Tide (Coupon also on Brandsaver.ca)Sale, Freshco $7.99, Metro $5.99, Food Basics $3.99  Tide Simply clean not on coupon but rebate ok
  • Old Spice Regular Anti/Deodorant Rebate $1, 75¢ Printable coupon for Old Spice (Coupon also on Brandsaver.ca) Sale, Zehrs $2.99, Food Basics $3.99 Pay only $1.25 at Zehrs after c&r
  • NESTLÉ® GOOD START® 3 Toddler Transition Valid on 680 g can. Cash back $5.00 Sales, RCSS $27.98
  •  Buy 5: Fancy Feast® Medleys Valid on any 85 g tin. Rebate 75¢ Items must appear on the same receipt. Sale Walmart 10/$6, Zehrs $3/4 


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