5 Things To Consider Before Moving out of Your House

If you are considering leaving your current home, it’s always worth giving it some serious thought. Rushing into moving is one of the worst things you could do. Finding a home that you are happy in is one of the most important things in life!

Although moving to a new place might seem like that’s the answer, it isn’t always the case. Sometimes, there are things you can change about your current house that might make all the difference to your quality of life. If it’s something that you really can’t change yourself – like location, for example – give the following points a bit of thought before you move out.

1.       What is the real reason you are moving?
After living in the same house for a fairly long period, some people simply find the get a little bit bored. They get “the itch” as we call it. If you just feel like your life has been a little flat recently, why not try booking a last-minute getaway first and seeing if that rejuvenates you? Moving house can be very stressful and expensive, which might not always be the answer to boredom.

2.       To downsize or upsize?
Just give some thought to whether you would like some extra cash in future. If you’ve found living at your current place quite tight on money, consider downsizing. That way, you’ll have extra cash that you can either save or use to treat yourself to a few things if you haven’t been able to for a while!

3.       How is the housing market looking at the moment?
A good estate agent can help you with this, but we all are aware that the housing market is incredibly volatile. Follow the peaks and troughs for a while and only put your house on the market when you are confident that you will get the best price possible for it.

4.       Can you increase your house value before you go?
Some really easy steps can be taken before you move out to increase the value of your home. Do some investigating into if anything adds particular value to your local area as well. If not, just make a few changes before you get your house valued at the estate agent so you can make as much money as possible from the move.

5.       Is your next home family-friendly?
This is particularly relevant if you are a young couple. It may only be two of you now, but it’s worth planning for the future a little bit when moving. If you think it’s likely that you might want to start a family in the next few years, make sure you are moving to a new place that has space to accommodate this! There is no point moving and then finding yourself having to up roots again after a matter of months. Find some family-oriented money saving tips here.

Overall, moving house is an exciting experience. Embrace new beginnings but be 100% sure you are moving to the right place for the right reasons.

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