Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Yogurt coupon (printable)

GoCoupons.ca has a great coupon on the site for Skotidakis Yogurt.  It's a printable buy 1 get 1 free.  I'm excited about it because this is one of my favourite Greek yogurts AND I can eat it on the Nutrisystem plan!

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Useful Household Items You Can Rent Instead Of Buy

As homeowners, we all have items on our wish lists that we think would make our lives more convenient and comfortable. This could be an electrical item or additional pieces of home furniture. Some of these items we want out of desire, rather than necessity. But other more essential items could make our busy lives more manageable. 
Unfortunately, some homeowners are unable to afford the upfront costs that some of these vital items require. But with the rise in popularity of rental services, it’s easier than ever to make your home more suitable for your needs. Look at these useful items that you can rent instead of buy.

Air Conditioners

With summer just around the corner, families are looking at installing air conditioning units. This allows them to enjoy the sunshine while also keeping their homes cool and comfortable. Air conditioning units are considered luxury items by many as they can often be expensive to buy and maintain. But did you know that you can rent an air conditioner instead of buying one? An air conditioner rental removes the upfront costs and includes free installation and repairs. While also helping you to reduce your energy bills each month and potentially improve your family’s health. Use Google to shop around for the best monthly rates that you can comfortably afford.

Washer and Dryers

If your washing machine and dryer are not working as well as they used to, it might be time to think about replacing them. But many homeowners can find it difficult to find the funds for this update. Which can often leave them resorting to hand washing and air drying instead. This isn’t always ideal, especially if you have young children and pets.

Thankfully, there are rental programs that can provide you with both a top model washer, dryer or both for a monthly fee. The fees and models will vary from place to place. So it’s best to read reviews and compare rates to find the most suitable model that suits your requirements. Don’t forget to read the small print before you sign anything to ensure you’re covered for repairs and replacements.


With summer just around the corner, stores will be full of iced drinks and snacks to keep us cool. But if your fridge doesn’t offer any freezer space, it can be difficult to keep these items frozen. You can find large and space freezer rentals depending on your needs and requirements. All for an affordable monthly rate. This will allow you to buy more frozen food products, which will add more convenience to your weekly meals. While also allowing you and your family to cool down quicker when the temperature rises. You can rent this appliance online or in store, but always do your research first.

These are just a selection of useful items that every home can benefit from having. But there are plenty more. See what other items you can rent to make your home more comfortable and practical for you and your family to live in.